A&P I Tuesday 1:40 Lecture Cancelled!

Please be advised that today’s A&P I lecture is cancelled; my child is ill. I will be posting a set of review questions (the same set that I would have … Continue Reading →

Attention: A&P II Lecture Students

My apologies for missing lecture today; my daughter is ill.  I will be posting some review questions (the ones I would have brought to class today) by the end of … Continue Reading →

Final Exam Review

A&P I & A&P II Final Exam review is up.  Please go to the course tab, scroll down the list of Chapter Lectures and you will find a tab for … Continue Reading →

Extra Credit for A&P I & A&P II Students

If you are interested in extra credit, this is the assignment: Go to cowspiracy.com website and look at the information.  I found it very interesting, eye opening, and intriguing!  Write … Continue Reading →

Another Anatomy Freaks Session Added!

Another Anatomy Freaks Club session is added on Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:00 in room L114.  This could also be considered and open lab session.

9th annual Skylander 5&10K Challenge Extra Credit!

The 9th annual Skylander 5&10K Challenge (Sunday, October 2nd)  needs volunteers to ensure the race will be a success. I am asking my students who are interested in earning extra credit … Continue Reading →

Electron Shell Examples!!!

If interested, you will find examples of the electron shells under the A&P I tab.

Welcome To The Fall 2016 Semester!!!

Welcome to all Anatomy & Physiology students!  Be prepared for the first class of A&P I or A&P II by printing out the first chapter notes and bring them to class … Continue Reading →

Anatomy Freaks Club Starts Tuesday, Sept. 13th!

A&P I students  & A&P II students The meetings are scheduled for the following days in room L114: Tuesdays 12:10-1:45 in room L114 for A&P I & A&P II Thursdays days 10:00-12:00 in room … Continue Reading →


ATTENTION!!! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HEARING A LECTURE ON CLASS MATERIAL, YOU MAY LISTEN TO ONE OF MY POD CASTS AT:  http://sussex.edu/wsccc/category/podcasts/ Once you click on the website above, on the … Continue Reading →